Discover how value assessments can be used to quantify the benefits and true financial impact of an ECM implementation, and how this information can be used to help build a business case to invest in or expand the use of an ECM solution.

Most companies that have implemented or plan to implement an Engineering Content Management (ECM) solution can easily understand the cost and efficiency benefits such a solution provides. What is more difficult, however, is putting figures on these benefits and measuring the true financial impact of the implementation.

In this webinar, BlueCielo consultant James Cookson examines how post-implementation value assessments can be used to quantify the real benefits of an ECM solution, uncovers the truth on how they should be done, and explains BlueCielo’s unique value assessment process.

Watch this webinar on demand to discover:

  • What is a value assessment?
  • What do you gain from measuring?
  • The consequences of not performing a value assessment
  • The background science
  • How to turn the results into a substantial business case


Presenter Profile

James Cookson, a specialist in value-driven approaches to Engineering Content Management, has been developing sophisticated ROI models for BlueCielo since 2013. Leveraging BlueCielo’s 30 years of industry expertise, James has conducted numerous value assessments with large companies in capital-intensive industries located across the Benelux, United Kingdom and United States to produce business cases with in-depth cost-benefit and ROI analyses. Companies have subsequently moved forward, leveraging these business cases to justify additional investments.

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