If you deal with engineering information then you already know the high volume of data that can be generated in a single change project, and it’s not a new idea. So why not use technology to make that information work for you?


Grab hold of your value

Big data only offers value if it is manageable, sortable and offers new insights. With the right Big Engineering Data solution, you can extract value from information that may have been previously considered “dead” and use this to inform your decision-making.

You can also reduce information management costs, search time and rework due to inaccuracies.


Change your change management

Information alone is not enough to create change, but accessing your Big Engineering Data can allow you to gain insights that can transform your Management of Change processes. By being able to apply best practices across global sites, compare project times per team in different conditions and knowing the documents and drawings most commonly needed, efficiencies can be improved and downtime reduced.


Make the most of ALL your information

Just because you have big data does not mean you cannot use the little data too. Within a big data management solution you can drill down to granular level, accessing specific information about a single asset on a single site. Subsets of data can be shown to different users depending on their roles and access privileges. The benefits of big data are that all users can work with the same data conventions, and that – when needed – you can get high level perspective from the big data set too.


You’re not too small to get bigger

Big data is not just for big business.

Any company wishing to achieve growth or gain a competitive advantage can benefit from big data. In engineering, the number of documents processed per project or per site becomes an advantage as this information all feeds into your Big Engineering Data solution, informing your data set.


Accurate data – any time – anywhere

It’s possible.

Our big solutions for Asset Information Management and Engineering Content Management can help you achieve your goals. BlueCielo provides the leading software solution to discover, monitor and protect your asset-related data throughout the asset lifecycle in a single point of truth.

Within our global engineering data warehouses, information from your Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Content Management and CAD sources is centralized, standardized and easily identified.


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