Discover how our Meridian integrates your teams and their business applications to increase interoperability and enhance efficiency.

The quest for interoperability

Every business needs to optimize their profitability, and the key to achieving this goal is by increasing efficiency through improved integration. The more extended the team, the greater the need for unified processes and information sources. But with each department and supplier working in separate systems, it quickly becomes complex and labor-intensive to achieve this. No-one wants to waste existing investments in business applications or further complicate job execution. So is true integration really possible in the extended enterprise?

Integrated applications

Meridian integrates departments, business applications, contractors, and suppliers.

Integration - it's possible

Meridian software is designed to enhance interoperability for maximum efficiency. Unlike departmental point solutions that are limited and are not purpose-built from inception, Meridian leverages the current investments in business applications to optimally support the business process.

This includes standard integrations with:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems (IBM Maximo, SAP EAM and Infor)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • Enterprise Content Management systems
  • Office applications (Microsoft Office)
  • CAD authoring applications (AutoCAD family, MicroStation, Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit and DWG-based CAD applications)

Connected teams

We do more than just provide interoperability between systems – our solutions connect your teams too.

Meridian serves as a central hub that becomes a single point of truth for all your engineering documents, drawings, project and technical asset-related information. By providing the information from a single point of truth, you break down the walls between data silos, facilitate collaboration and simplify information management.

Accurate information – any time – anywhere

BlueCielo Meridian provides a common and unified platform for authorized and authenticated individuals to see their personal view and to do the job within their span of control.

The various stakeholders in your organization can access the system to find up-to-date and consistent asset information at granular level, from within a single point of truth. Users can monitor the progress of all plant modifications at all times, while data consistency and completeness is ensured in accordance to applicable procedures and regulations.

The data is kept persistent, put it in the network and is available anytime and anywhere through a system of record from a common platform, which seamlessly integrates with current business processes and data conventions, and is easily adapted to current naming and numbering conventions and workflows.

Maintenance and engineering connected

BlueCielo Meridian closes the gap between engineering and maintenance, ensuring that maintenance staff always have access to accurate, as-built information, and supporting 24/7 uptime. An asset may be represented in many documents, while some documents represent many assets. Integration allows BlueCielo Meridian to link the documents with the assets managed in EAM systems like SAP and Maximo using “tag-doc” relations.

With your assets and documents connected, it becomes easier for your stakeholders to find the information they need. For example, if a maintenance engineer searches in their EAM system for a piece of equipment, specifically linked documents will be attached. They will also have an automatically updated overview of the relevant technical documentation as well as links to critical related information, such as work orders, performance data, and costs. And if a user accesses a document or drawing within BlueCielo Meridian, they will see the assets to which that document is related.

Integrate your contractor and supplier chains

It’s easy to think of integration as an internal only subject – but to maximize your gains, you need to align across the extended enterprise. When you integrate your contractors and suppliers into your business processes, you  remove the risk that occurs where internal and external systems touch.

BlueCielo Meridian provides a solution that includes the entire organization using the cloud. A hybrid cloud portal allows users to exchange data, collaborate and validate deliverables with externals without giving them direct access to the internal master data and workflows. Document correctness and completeness is verified and all project communication is logged in a full audit trail, so you remain in control throughout the project.

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