Improving Data Handover

Data handovers can be challenging and painful – but they can be simple. We can help you improve the process and achieve seamless handovers.

Is this the right document?

Is this the right document?Factories are constantly under change for performance improvements and revenue optimizations. Change projects affect the actual situation on-site and should ideally be initiated using up-to-date or as-built technical asset information. In many cases, however, this is not the reality.

During the change project, internal and external team members work on the design and engineering data gets approved for construction. During construction, remarks and markups are added to this engineering data. After commissioning and before handover to operations, it is best to make the documentation and data as-built. This is expensive, so in many cases the data is handed over with the remarks and markups. In itself this is not a big problem, but maintenance may not feel very confident using this data as a reference when going out in the field.

Especially when working with multiple contractors and suppliers, the handover process becomes very cumbersome, because a lot of documents and data are received in an unstructured way. These may be provided digitally and perhaps even in folders, but still it is a lot of work to find out which documents are necessary for operations and maintenance and to which assets they are related.

A strategy for seamless handover

Improving handover collaborationWithin BlueCielo Meridian we enable the full management of the master data of your production assets. This means that change projects can be initiated with the available documentation of your assets. At the start of the project it is clear which asset-specific documentation must be delivered, such as updated process and instrumentation diagrams, specification sheets, overview drawings, installation instructions, updated standard operating procedures, etc. In addition, the approval cycles can be set, ensuring that the necessary documentation is delivered and is available in the right format at the end of each project phase.

After construction and commissioning, the documentation can go into a so-called “as-built” project, enabling the documentation to be checked and, if necessary, updated before the release to master – in other words, before the documentation is released to the organization for the next phases of the asset lifecycle.

After handover, the organization will benefit even more if the provided data and documents are related to the revenue-generating assets by making the relation between the assets and the documents (tag-doc relations). In this way, operations and maintenance can find all asset-related documentation through the asset-specific tag number. The creation of the tag-doc relations can be done either manually or through tag-extraction from the drawings. It is also possible to import the relations from Excel spreadsheets or databases provided by the contractors or suppliers.

Using the above method, there is still no guarantee that data reflects the actual situation in case of a new change project. It is therefore crucial that during operations and maintenance, remarks and markups are made, either to initiate a quick plant change or as input for larger change projects. This closes the loop. Operations and maintenance help to keep a proper reflection of the as-built situation to improve the project start-up and to reduce engineering costs. Engineering, on the other hand, helps by handing over a rich set of data to operations and maintenance in order to reduce search time, improve safety and to comply with applicable regulations.

Data handover made easy

BlueCielo Meridian PlusImproving handover with BlueCielo Meridian Plus supports the full Management of Change process, including the improved handover process at the end of projects. Master data is under full control in all change projects managed on a yearly basis and asset-related technical documentation can even reside in multiple change projects concurrently. Within the projects, the data is also fully controlled through configured document workflow and project workflow, allowing project progress management and monitoring.

If work is outsourced to external contractors or suppliers, Meridian360 Portal provides a cloud-based collaboration platform that is fully integrated with Meridian and does not require access to internal data and workflows. By using this portal, external project team members provide the documentation within the entire project and document workflows. This ensures that the handover process is seamless, since data and document approval takes place in early stages of the project instead of at the end of the project.

More information?

If you’d like to learn more about improving data handover, or you want to discuss specific needs, please contact us – we’ll be glad to help .