Engineering Document Management

Engineering Document and Drawing Management (EDM) systems manage single document or drawing files during the document lifecycle.

What is an Engineering Document or Drawing Management (EDM) system?

An Engineering Document Management (EDM) sytstem is a solution designed to manage engineering documents and drawings. This is very different to a traditional document management system because engineering information has higher requirements. Engineering documents and drawings originate from multiple sources and systems (such as various CAD applications), they have associated metadata and they have a longer document lifecycle. Throughout the document lifecycle, engineering drawings and documents may have many versions and revisions, and these must be carefully managed to ensure that accurate information is made available to teams working on site.

How can an EDM help?

An EDM system can help you to solve common challenges like these:

If you have unmanaged information such as outdated, missing or inaccurate documents, you cannot achieve efficiency. Losing control of your documents will cause wasted time in rework and errors in construction.

An Engineering Document Management System provides a unified system in which you can manage your documents and drawings. This provides a central location in which all team members can use automated workflows linked to their own CAD applications.

If all your teams are using different systems, it can be very challenging to share information internally or get alignment on what must be delivered. It becomes even harder when you need to communicate this information to externals teams like contractors – or your clients.

An Engineering Document Management System allows all stakeholders to easily find information they can trust. Consistent numbering and naming conventions makes it easy to search for and find the right document, which can then be shared with confidence to your external stakeholders.

If you cannot find the right document, you will not be able to demonstrate due diligence or authentication standards. If an error goes to court, you will not be able to provide the evidence needed during litigation, and you open yourself up to risk.

With an Engineering Document Management System, you get automated workflows and approval processes. This improves your monitoring abilities, allows errors to be detected earlier and prevents issues that can challenge safety. It also means you have an audit trail you can use prove control.

Engineering Drawing Management at its finest

Meridian provides Engineering Document and Drawing Management with version control, revision management and document workflows in a safe, secure environment using a vault concept. The software provides role-based secure access through single sign on, is available in multiple languages and offers integration with AutoCAD, MicroStation, Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit and DWG-based CAD applications, as well as Office and email applications.

With Meridian, you get a comprehensive solution to manage engineering drawings that can save you time and will increase your data quality and accessibility.

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