Collaboration and Data Exchange

Manage the exchange of engineering information, including multi-team global collaboration, workflows and transmittal management.

Working in projects with geographically separated teams can impact on the reliability of technical asset data. Documents must be constantly exchanged between project members and at each handover the information must be correct. Metadata and references must be exchanged together with engineering content in order to preserve the essential relations between files. In addition, owner operators must provide an audit trail and be able to trace all content relating to their production assets.


Collaboration and handover made easy

BlueCielo solutions for global collaboration manage the exchange of engineering content, enabling multiple teams in different locations to collaborate while retaining their own separate working environments and processes. Our on-premises Meridian solution for maintaining as-built information can be connected with an Azure cloud-based portal. This enables secure collaboration with external contractors and suppliers without requiring access to internal master data and workflows.

The project control and workflows are handled by the internal project organization, while the external contributors only need to provide or modify the content assigned to them. Meta-data is synchronized instantly, allowing the internal project organization to control the project progress, while files are synchronized on request (manually or automatically through the internal workflows).

Transmitted documents can be easily tracked and submitted documents are retrieved automatically. Cross-site and global workflow support, hybrid document support, collaborating vaults and document ownership all combine to simplify data exchange, improve efficiency, enhance reliability and protect intellectual property.

“BlueCielo Meridian allows us to have up-to-date drawings at our fingertips no matter where we are on the project.”
“This implementation gave our people fast and simple access from their office and in the field. The users like BlueCielo Meridian. It is really fast.”
Document Management Analyst, Idaho Power
“It is extremely important that all parties work in one system. This is the only way that whether they are onshore, offshore, supplier, contractor or my own office, every party can be guaranteed fast and easy access so that document availability is never an issue.”
Facility Manager, ExxonMobil

The single solution to maximize profitability

Optimize your profitability

A single solution to increase return on assets

Maintain asset data integrity

Optimize multi-site asset performance in regulated environments for operational excellence


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