Meridian Cloud License Subscriptions

Entitle the right level of capabilities and organizational scale to best meet your asset information lifecycle needs, and help your users get the most out of your Meridian software and services.

Meridian Cloud License Subscriptions entitle your users to specific software, including Platforms, Clients, and Extensions, with on-premises servers, cloud-services, and apps on users’ mobile or desktop devices. They also include technical support, training, upgrades, and additional resources.
These subscriptions reduce your startup costs, simplify procurement and operational budgeting, allow you to manage your costs as OPEX, and help you manage your continuing costs in response to actual usage and requirements.

The Three Elements of a Subscription:

Meridian User Pass

Identifies individuals as eligible for access to Meridian

A named-user subscription entitling access, in any role, to all Meridian platforms, clients, and extensions available within a license subscription. Each Meridian User Pass is assigned to a named user within your organization, or in external contractor organizations working with you. Each Meridian User Pass holder may utilize any client or extension that is available within the subscription level for which your organization has a license subscription. Each Meridian User Pass holder is also entitled to access BlueCielo Academy online training.

Meridian License Subscription

Entitles concurrent access to Meridian

A Meridian License Subscription is a subscription for an organization entitling pooled access for Meridian User Pass holders, in any role, to the included Meridian platforms, clients, and extensions. The quantity of Meridian License Subscriptions determines the number of Meridian User Pass holders who may utilize Meridian concurrently.

Meridian Subscription Level

Entitles an organization to specific Meridian capabilities

A Meridian Subscription Level determines the set of capabilities and products included in an organization’s Meridian License Subscription for all Meridian User Pass holders.

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