Meridian360 Portal

Meridian360 Portal allows users to exchange data, collaborate with extended project teams and validate deliverables in the cloud.

Collaboration in the Cloud

Experts may be found around the world, leading to geographically dispersed project teams and outsourcing. These extended teams of contractors, suppliers and internal stakeholders all need to be able to access project information, regardless of timezones or location, in order to meet their deadlines. They need a cloud-based portal that offers full collaboration with the entire supplier network without giving direct access to the internal master data and workflows, like Meridian360 Portal.

Meridian360 Portal provides a single solution for managing capital, expansion, overhaul and change projects, including brownfield and greenfield projects. It increases efficiency through time saved on document control, project management, review and validation of project deliverables, and by eliminating lead-times due to offline or paper-based communication processes.

360 Portal

Key Capabilities

Meridian360 Portal is designed to leverage the power of BlueCielo Meridian in combination with the cloud to improve collaboration and reduce costs. Its key capabilities include:

  • Secure 24/7 collaboration in the cloud
  • Easy contractor sign-in
  • Formal and informal sharing of documents
  • Controlled document exchange
  • Automated CAD Xrefs check
  • Collaborative reviews
  • Seamless handovers
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Full audit trail and log
  • Project repository
  • Mass up- and downloads
  • Hybrid cloud – integration with Meridian

Business Benefits

Meridian360 Portal provides significant benefits for global owner operators and engineering contractors that need secure cloud-based collaboration and document exchange with an extended project team.


Provide globally accessible and consolidated source of technical information. Increase engineering, operations and maintenance staff productivity.


Facilitate the efficient and controlled exchange of deliverables between all the stakeholders. Improve data quality by providing full project control and compliance.

Cost ReductionCost

Lower the total cost of information management and data distribution. Achieve added savings through enhanced productivity and search time reduction.

Collaborate – any time – anywhere

Download the Meridian360 Portal data sheet

Download the product datasheet

The Meridian360 Portal datasheet shows shows how Microsoft Azure helps secure collaboration. Download this datasheet and discover:

  • Overview of technical details of Meridian360 Portal
  • What analysts are saying about Meridian360 Portal
  • Specifications, key capabilities and business benefits
  • How BlueCielo Meridian360 Portal leverages the power of Microsoft Azure to provide secure engineering collaboration in the cloud
Get the Meridian360 Portal datasheet

Meridian360 Product Flyer

Download the product flyer

The Meridian360 product flyer provides further information about the software concepts, key capabilities and how Meridian360 Portal can help you to:

  • Easily manage a portfolio of projects
  • Control your documents and avoid hidden costs
  • Collaborate with an automated distribution & review process
  • Integrate with Meridian and AutoCAD
  • Secure your valuable data with MS Azure
Get the Meridian360 Portal Product Flyer

Watch the Webinar On Demand

Discover how this cloud-based extension to Meridian provides complete, secure collaboration with your entire supplier network without giving direct access to internal master data and workflows.

Engineering Collaboration in the Cloud

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“Owner operators collaborating with a network of contractors and suppliers desperately need a solution like Meridian360 Portal to get order and governance in the chaos of uncontrolled document exchange.”

Tools for other user groups


Easy access

for users requiring read only search & retrieve functionality

Any time anywhere

Explorer allows users to access information in read only format and add comments.


Full control

for users making modifications to the engineering content

Manage asset information

Power allows users to create and modify master documents in highly regulated environments.