Meridian Plus

Increase your return on assets with a full solution for Asset Lifecycle Information Management in highly regulated environments.

Maintain Asset Data Integrity

Meridian Plus manages your engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. All asset-related data is stored in a single point of truth and from there is made available to the extended enterprise. This allows operations & maintenance to work safely and efficiently, while engineering executes plant modification projects. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is managed through the same system, so that engineering processes are harmonized and regulatory compliance is assured.

Meridian Plus

Targeted products for user groups

Our software includes a set of products to help different groups of users in your company to do their daily work. These products help consumers, authors and collaborators to efficiently manage and exchange asset-related technical information within the extended enterprise.


Easy access

for users requiring read only search & retrieve functionality

Any time anywhere

Explorer allows users to access information in read only format and add comments.


Full control

for users making modifications to the engineering content

Manage asset information

Power allows users to create and modify master documents in highly regulated environments.


Quick projects

for collaboration with project team members and external parties

In the cloud

Portal allows users to exchange data and validate deliverables with extended supply chains.


Benefits of Meridian Plus

Improve profitability in a safe environment. Break down your silos, integrate your departments and enhance operational excellence. Meridian Plus provides a full Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution that ensures 24/7 access to accurate information.


Ensure up to date asset information is always available from any location throughout the asset lifecycle.


Gradually improve legacy data through plant modification projects for greater confidence and control.

Cost reductionCost reduction

Reduce unplanned downtime and emergency maintenance. Extend asset longevity to increase return on assets.


Comply with the most demanding regulations with ease. Renew your license to operate in just one day.


Discover hidden trends and gain insights to improve decision-making. Leverage plant optimizations across sites.

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