Meridian Base

Create, search, view and maintain CAD files, renditions and references in a single Drawing Management solution that connects departments.

Drawing Management at its finest

Meridian Base offers a fully CAD platform independent solution for engineering drawing management. Version control, revision management and document workflows are provided in a safe, secure environment using a vault concept. The software provides role-based secure access through single sign on. Meridian Base is available in multiple languages and offers integration with CAD, Office and email applications.

Meridian Base

Targeted products for user groups

Our software includes a set of products to help different groups of users in your company to do their daily work.
These products help authors and consumers to efficiently control and manage engineering drawings and documents within your business processes.


Easy access

for users requiring search & retrieve functionality

Any time anywhere

Explorer allows users to access information in read only format and add comments.


Full control

for users modifying engineering content

Manage documents

Power allows users to create, modify or approve documents as part of a controlled process.


Benefits of Meridian Base

Never lose a document again. With Meridian Base you get a comprehensive solution to manage engineering drawings that can save you time and will increase your data quality and accessibility.


Save time searching for documents. Have the right content at the right time for each stakeholder.


Enjoy accurate drawings from a single system. Speed up verification with reference management.

Cost reductionCost reduction

Reduce project throughput time. Improve design integrity with a controlled process.

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  • Meridian integrations and how these connect your teams
  • And how Meridian helps you maximize your profitability.
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