Meridian 2017

This latest edition of BlueCielo Meridian enhances centralized operational control, concurrent engineering for BIM, web and remote user access, streams PDF workflows, and a securely empowered supply chain for the plant lifecycle.

BlueCielo Meridian software

Meridian360 Portal

  • Fully integrated with Meridian360 Portal new project repository
  • Simply connect Meridian project with Meridian360 Portal project repository


  • Enhanced assignment of roles within
    your projects



  • Enhanced site caching, proxy support,
    CAD links, and more


Key Capabilities

Centralize Operational Control

  • Reduce the┬ánumber of servers and administrators needed
  • Bring more sites online easier and faster
  • Unify deployments, upgrades and administration
  • Access data faster

Perform Coordinated Concurrent BIM in a Managed Workflow

  • Edit collaboratively within BIM
  • Share models and distribute design
    work in a controlled manner
  • Process approvals and workflows on BIM data consistently with documents
  • Control Standards on model output
  • Manage BIM with the same rigor as documents
  • Reduced manual procedures

Access Content Quickly, Across the Enterprise

  • Globally distributed and remote users can easily access centralized servers
  • Increase access speeds for remote users
  • Ensure consistent access to the most
    up-to-date documentation
  • Reduce efforts for IT administration

Empower Users with Web-Access

  • Manage projects and control documents from anywhere, not just at your desk
  • Lower your IT burden with reduced workstation deployment for web users
  • Reduce user training time

View Content Quickly and Predictably

  • Utilize PDFs that are always up-to-date
  • View and annotate from anywhere
  • Enjoy a consistent and productive user experience
  • Leverage the industry standard for documents of record, including
  • Reduce user training time

Include Contractors Securely

  • Access engineering documents directly
    for trusted 3rd parties
  • Lower external collaboration barriers
  • Reduce document control efforts
  • Simplify operations
  • Audit contractor activity


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