BlueCielo Meridian

BlueCielo Meridian software connects maintenance and engineering, supports concurrent engineering, and improves data handover.

Trusted by leading companies around the world, today more than €1.5 trillion worth of assets are managed with BlueCielo Meridian.
Unlike departmental point solutions that are restricted in scope, Meridian provides a comprehensive solution for managing concurrent plant modifications of all scales, and maintaining as-built master data for operations and maintenance.

Key Advantages

BlueCielo Meridian is offered at different levels, so you can choose just what you need today. Whether you are looking for a way to improve document control at a single site or need to align extended global teams that include suppliers and contractors, Meridian software can help you.

Meridian Base

Engineering Drawing Management

Meridian Base is a great place to start for smaller sites. It provides efficient functionality in a lightweight implementation to support your design process, drawing management and document control needs.

  • Accurate drawings
  • Controlled design process
  • Multi-CAD integration
  • Office & email integration
  • Document workflows
  • Revision management
  • Reference management
  • Search & retrieve
  • View, review & compare

Meridian Standard

Engineering Information Management

Meridian Standard brings a wealth of functionality and is our most popular software level. It immediately allows you to solve the complexities of concurrent engineering and supports global collaboration. It offers all of the capabilities of Meridian Base plus following:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Full proof of control
  • Collaboration in the cloud
  • Project reporting
  • Audit trail
  • Audit reporting
  • Retention management
  • Highly configurable

Meridian Plus

Asset Lifecycle Information Management

Meridian Plus provides a single solution to maintain asset data integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. Its extended capabilities can meet the needs of a wide range of highly regulated industries. It offers all of the capabilities of Meridian Base and Standard plus following:

  • Asset tag management
  • Performance management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Master data management
  • Management of change
  • Transmittal management
  • Commissioning & handover
  • Maintenance & engineering connected


Access your Information

Meridian Explorer provides users with easy access to search and retrieve information and add comments, anytime, anywhere. With increased globalization, the viewing community accessing and reviewing engineering information has grown. It now includes staff from maintenance, operations, purchasing, external suppliers and on-site contractors around the world.

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Create and Manage Information

Meridian Power gives users full control to modify and create engineering information in a controlled project environment. Many departments and stakeholders are involved in the creation, approval and use of documentation. All of them require trustworthy information, even during concurrent change projects.

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