BlueCielo Project Portal

BlueCielo Project Portal is a 100% web-based document control solution for complex industrial projects with large supplier networks. Documents drive industrial projects. BlueCielo Project Portal drives the documents.

BlueCielo Project Portal helps companies to execute industrial asset projects in an external network of suppliers, contractors, authorities and customers. From standard operational change projects to massive capital new build projects, BlueCielo Project Portal contributes to lowering project costs and improving data quality.

The more complex the installation and the more information and suppliers involved, the more relevant the use case is for BlueCielo Project Portal.

Project Portal user interface

Project collaboration with regulatory compliance

BlueCielo Project Portal is a secure document repository that provides a single point of truth for project information. It follows projects to manage the necessary information in workspaces. Different workspace models can be utilized based on project size (e.g.: capital expense projects into dedicated workspaces, operational expense projects into one single plant maintenance workspace).

As a Cloud-based solution, BlueCielo Project Portal is easily deployed to even the most complex supplier networks. Choose from deployment as a Cloud solution from our hosting center, or deployment on premises.

The repository provides robust access control, version management and audit trail capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations.

 Key capabilities of Project Portal

Master supplier documents lists

Placeholders for documents to be delivered by main suppliers can be created automatically by importing document lists from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The document lists can contain a delivery schedule, supplier document numbers, functional location information or any other information needed for document control.

Delivery of document packages

Main system or process equipment suppliers or contractors can deliver entire document packages to BlueCielo Project Portal in one smooth operation that creates new documents or updates existing document versions. Large document packages can be updated, revised, as well as reviewed and approved in large batches.

Delivery status follow-up

Schedule and status information can be added to the document information based on project reporting needs, exported to an excel spreadsheet and later used to update the status information back to the document repository. Automatic notification messages can be set to be sent for documents that are pending or late.

Master Data Management and Handover

After commissioning, the updated and newly created data can be exported from BlueCielo Project Portal and made available to the organization’s asset management solution. The entire project can be archived to prevent further changes while keeping all its data available for future use, inspection and possible litigation processes.

Transmittal Management made easy

BlueCielo Project Portal automatically creates transmittal letters for document deliveries, containing full document distribution information, references, document numbers and revisions. External parties retrieve the transmittal package (documents + transmittal letter) from the portal, so document controllers can monitor retrieval. This provides a full audit trail of activities performed and full security for the content being transmitted.

Security to protect your data

BlueCielo Project Portal provides high security at many levels, including encrypted communication protocols, and authentication at user and document level. Information is provided in a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) network, so that external participants do not require access to internal data and workflows.


BlueCielo Project Portal 2016 Service Pack 1 is now available


Discover what’s new in SP1, key release highlights and learn how to get started.

Project Portal 2016 Service Pack 1

These leading companies already benefit from BlueCielo Project Portal

“We found BlueCielo Project Portal solution suitable for our engineering projects because of their knowledge and background in the information management of engineering projects, customer intimacy model and fast solution implementation.”
“BlueCielo offers the only system which handles project documents and technical documentation in the running plants in the same product suite. The BlueCielo Project Portal solution will speed up document deliveries from internal to external parties and vice versa. Trouble shooting and change control will be much easier than earlier. Also the total cost of document management process will be lower in the future.”
“BlueCielo offers a system that deals with the project and all its documents in the same product. BlueCielo Project Portal speeds up access to information and manages document exchange with external parties. Stringent security and reliable change management ensure that the latest versions are always available and the process is much easier than before. The cost of our document management process has also reduced due to the cloud service solution.”
“With BlueCielo Project Portal we can replace our custom solutions with an off-the-shelf product that further ties together architecture and processes, to further substantially cut IT-, process- and QA costs through efficient information management. It allows us to drastically cut down on IT costs.”

BlueCielo Project Portal customers

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Benefits of Project Portal

  • External network separated from internal data and workflows
    Contractors and suppliers access information from a single point of truth
    Data is provided in a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone), not on your internal network
    Reduced risk through full control of data exchange and protection
  • Quick setup of projects using project templates
    Set up projects according to internal standards and procedures
    Aspects of the project can be adjusted by project administrators without IT support
    Reduced costs due to fewer persons involved in managing data exchange processes
  • Reduce time spent on information management and supplier communication
    Automation of key document flows in your supplier network
    Elimination of lead-times imposed by offline or paper-based supplier communication processes
  • Full proof of control and traceability of master documents
    Improved compliance with internal quality standards and procedures
    Full audit trails of contractor transmittals and submittals
    Speedy problem resolution and clarification of suppliers’ responsibilities
  • Lowered IT overhead costs
    Deployment as private cloud on-premises or hosted web based solution

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