BlueCielo Meridian connects maintenance and engineering, supports concurrent engineering, and improves data handover.

Trusted by leading companies around the world, today more than €1.5 trillion worth of assets are managed with BlueCielo Meridian. Unlike departmental point solutions that are restricted in scope, Meridian provides a comprehensive solution for managing concurrent plant modifications of all scales, and maintaining as-built master data for operations and maintenance.


BlueCielo Meridian software is offered at Base, Standard and Plus levels. Each software level includes tools for your users.

Meridian Base

Drawing Management at its finest

Meridian Base offers a fully CAD platform independent solution for engineering drawing management. Version control, revision management and document workflows are provided in a safe, secure environment using a vault concept. The software provides role-based secure access through single sign on. Meridian Base is available in multiple languages and offers integration with CAD, Office and email applications.

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Meridian Standard

Collaborative engineering made easy

Meridian Standard provides powerful and flexible Engineering Information Management for the entire enterprise. In addition to managing engineering drawings and documents, Meridian Standard supports project workflows, collaboration with external contractors and compliance with internal and external regulations. The software can be deployed for multiple locations to ensure optimal user performance and support your organization’s future growth.

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Meridian Plus

Maintain asset data integrity

Meridian Plus manages your engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. All asset-related data is stored in a single point of truth and from there is made available to the extended enterprise. This allows operations and maintenance to work safely and efficiently, while engineering executes plant modification projects. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders is managed through the same system, so that engineering processes are harmonized and regulatory compliance is assured.

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Meridian Explorer

Any time access – always in control

Meridian Explorer provides users with easy access to search and retrieve information and add comments, anytime, anywhere. With increased globalization, the viewing community accessing and reviewing engineering information has grown. It now includes staff from maintenance, operations, purchasing, external suppliers and on-site contractors around the world. All of these people need an easy to use, advanced search tool that lets them access accurate information regardless of their location, like Meridian Explorer. This product is also available as an app, which allows users to search by document or asset tag number, view information or open collections on an iPad.

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Meridian Power

Information you can always trust

Meridian Power gives users full control to modify and create engineering information in a controlled project environment. Many departments and stakeholders are involved in the creation, approval and use of documentation. All of them require trustworthy information, even during concurrent change projects. Without accurate documents and drawings, plant managers, on-site maintenance and operational personnel cannot perform their work efficiently and without accidents. They need a system to manage all their engineering information in native or rendered format, like Meridian Power.

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Engineering collaboration in the cloud

Meridian360 Portal is designed to leverage the power of BlueCielo Meridian Standard and Plus in combination with the cloud to improve collaboration and reduce costs. It provides a single solution for managing capital, expansion, overhaul and change projects, including brownfield and greenfield projects. Meridian360 Portal increases efficiency through time saved on document control, project management, review and validation of project deliverables, and by eliminating lead-times due to offline or paper-based communication processes.

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Server licenses

Additional server licenses can be used to extend your Meridian solution architecture to include more sites or more users.

Comprehensive Engineering Drawing Management

The Meridian Base Server enables configuration of the capabilities and access rights of the Meridian environment to meet the Drawing & Document Management requirements. The Meridian Base Server License can only be used in combination with Base user licenses. The Meridian Base Server License cannot be extended by the use of any server extension license.

When you purchase a Meridian Base Server license the following is included:

  • Meridian EDM Server
  • Explorer Server
  • Publisher for Meridian

Remark: A customer may only have one Base server.
If a second server is needed, you will need to upgrade to Standard or Plus with use of the Meridian Enterprise Server.

If you’d like further information about Meridian Base Server, please contact us.

Support for growing organizational needs

The Meridian Enterprise Server enables configuration of the capabilities and access rights of the Meridian environment to meet Engineering Information Management requirements at Standard or Plus level. Meridian Enterprise Server is fully extendable with a selection of add on modules to support organizational growth.

In contrast to the Meridian Base Server license, the Meridian Enterprise Server License allows distribution of the components across multiple Windows servers. However, there may only be one instance of each component assignable to any one server.

When you purchase a Meridian Enterprise Server license the following is included:

  • Meridian EDM Server
    • Advanced Project Workflow
    • Shared Workspace
    • Regulatory Compliance
  • Site Cache Server
  • Global Collaboration Framework
  • Explorer Server
  • Publisher for Meridian

The Meridian Standard or Plus environment can be extended with the following add-on modules:

  • Advanced Rendering
  • Publisher for Microsoft SharePoint

The modular approach to the Meridian architecture can be further extended by adding a selection of additional server components to meet your specific needs.

If you’d like further information about Meridian Enterprise Server, please contact us.

Global availability. Connected engineering.

Meridian Explorer is a web-based solution that enables quick and accurate enterprise-wide availability of technical documentation to a large global viewer community, accessible from the Explorer repository. Meridian Explorer repositories are populated from Meridian vaults and maintained using synchronization jobs.

The Explorer repository resides on the Meridian Enterprise Server or on a dedicated Explorer application server. Optionally multiple Explorer application servers can be configured. The configurator gives full control of which data goes into the repository, allowing mapping of local data in the local language and even with local meta-data to be mapped to the global environment. Globally operating organizations can have multiple local BlueCielo Meridian environments which can all be consolidated into one global engineering data warehouse.

By consolidating your engineering data, you can then configure dashboards and report across the entire data warehouse. Optionally you can also use your own third-party tools like Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services or Microsoft PowerBI to generate reports and dashboards.

If you’d like further information about Explorer Server, please contact us.

Accurate engineering content in neutral (PDF) format

BlueCielo Publisher is a job-based, server application that automates publishing of 2D and 3D engineering documents and data from and to content management systems, enabling rendition to neutral (PDF) file format within the process. Engineering data (files and metadata) can be sent automatically to other content management systems and optionally convert the files to another format within the process. Properties from the source system can be mapped with the appropriate ones in the target system. All publishing jobs and files handled by the BlueCielo Publisher are logged (either in an MS SQL Server or Oracle database) and, if necessary, notifications are sent to the appropriate persons. Publish jobs can be triggered manually or through workflows, and can be scheduled or sent immediately.

The Publisher can be extended with an Advanced Rendering or Publisher for Microsoft SharePoint license.

Advanced Rendering
Publisher can be extended to include Advanced Rendering to increase the quality of generated PDFs with additional capabilities to meet your regulatory requirements. Advanced rendering options include installation of native applications at the Publisher Application Server, or PDF post-rendition enhancements such as electronic signatures, watermarks, dynamic print stamps or signature pages.

Publisher for Microsoft SharePoint
With Publisher for SharePoint, engineering content managed in BlueCielo Meridian can be made available to non-engineering users in SharePoint. Property mapping ensures that the SharePoint users can search the content by meta-data. Every time a new version of the content is available in Meridian, an updated version will be sent to SharePoint.

If you’d like further information about Publisher Server, please contact us.

Our stand-alone cloud product

BlueCielo Project Portal, formerly known as Kronodoc, is an independent 100% cloud solution for engineering document control.

BlueCielo Project PortalDocument Control, change management and collaboration

BlueCielo Project Portal is a 100% web-based document control solution for complex industrial projects with large supplier networks. Documents drive industrial projects. BlueCielo Project Portal drives the documents.

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Project Portal 2016 SP1 now available