The “Seven Summits Tour” organized by Kinsmen Group was a networking event designed to offer practical ways of overcoming the complexity in Engineering Information Management (EIM).

The Seven Summits Tour was a series of international meetings held last month in Calgary, Houston and Aberdeen. These events clearly identified many opportunities for continued improvement of Engineering Information Management while helping organizations to determine where they fit within the maturity model. Through interactive group discussions, attendees from 28 organizations learned about the best practices for preventing, detecting, mitigating and remediating data integrity issues. The name of the tour refers to the highest mountains on each of the seven continents, and is an analogy as achieving excellence in Engineering Information Management, which can be much like climbing several mountains at once. This is especially true in the process-driven industries and capital projects where Engineering Information Management has an important role to play in the effective and safe management of an asset during its lifetime.

Simplifying Engineering Information Management

The complexity of the engineering projects has increased as most companies are forced to do more with less. Owner operators, maintenance technicians and engineers all require access to accurate engineering information to make correct and timely decisions during operations and maintenance. Many problems they face are caused by poor information management and handover. As a result of this, they spend too much time on unproductive work and searching for correct information, rather than designing improvements to products and work processes.
EIM solutions can help to solve these problems by managing data, processes, and collaboration throughout the lifecycle of the project, plant or asset.

“We are very excited about the level of enthusiasm we have received from the attendees. We listen intently to industry requirements, while trying to demonstrate how poor Engineering Information Management and low data interoperability are the reason for many asset performance problems. We believe this tour will help organizations to plan concrete, sustainable, long-term strategies to overcome these issues.”
Brian Sallade, CEO Kinsmen Group , Kinsmen Group

A great start is just the beginning

During the Seven Summits Tour, Kinsmen Group previewed their “Kinected Community”, an invitation only community for users to collaborate with each other about EIM topics and systems. Kinsmen Group will organize additional events for community members in different locations that will dive deeper in to key related topics.

Trusted Partner

Kinsmen Group is a global reseller of BlueCielo Meridian software with a team of highly experienced professionals. BlueCielo collaborates with a broad network of certified partners to deliver superb engineering information management solutions with local support and expertise.

KinsmenGroupAbout Kinsmen Group

The Kinsmen Group specializes in Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solutions and services for asset intensive industries designed to reduce risk and cost, improve compliance and increase the productivity of major capital projects and asset operations.

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