Custom Training

When standard training will not meet your specific requirements, BlueCielo Academy can provide customized training sessions on request.

Different training needs?

Since your BlueCielo solution will be tailored to your business processes, it is important to receive training on your specific system. BlueCielo makes this easier by allowing you to train users on-site at your own location on dates to suit you. We can also provide specialized training on any of our modules or product versions.

Larger groups?

When larger groups of users in multiple regions need to be trained, BlueCielo Academy offers online learning solutions. We can create a tailored training within our learning environment and provide access to all users who need to be trained on your company’s specific Meridian software. Your custom learning environment will be reserved for your company. Multiple training courses can be created to accommodate all user groups.

Exactly what you need

We can provide training courses to match your specific needs. With a custom training session, you can choose:

  • The most convenient date
  • The most suitable training location
  • An exact software level, version and add-ons
  • A specific training topics or features per user group
  • To adjust the training based on knowledge assessment

Contact us today to schedule a session to discuss your individual requirements.

Request Custom Training

Other training options

BlueCielo Classroom Training

Classroom Training

Train users in a learning-friendly environment

At our classrooms - or your site

Training on functionality used by administrators at Base, Standard or Plus Level. Includes license and user management as well as all applicable day-to-day maintenance activities.

Classroom Training
BlueCielo Online Training

Online Training

Let users train at the most convenient time for them

Any time, anywhere

Provide attendees with the understanding and skills required to use all the standard functionality of BlueCielo Meridian. Courses are available for Base, Standard or Plus level.

Online Training