Our technical support team is here to help you with Meridian software, answer your technical questions and help you solve problems.

Sometimes you need advice

Technical support is essential to help you realize the maximum return on your Meridian software. Our team provides instant, round-the-clock access to valuable information. Through telephone and a dedicated web support system, each trained software champion can enter, track and manage any question or support case.

We have the answers

Our team can answer your questions regardless of your software level, products or whether your implementation followed an Industry Template or was according to bespoke needs. In addition, our support team can help to identify software issues, develop creative solutions, and document enhancement requests for consideration in future product releases.


Are you looking for helpdesk support?

Our support team has the specific knowledge to answer your technical questions and help you solve your problems. You can access all support-related technical information via the BlueCielo Portal.

Software updates: stay up to date with our latest software versions

Helpdesk support: our online helpdesk lets you access or submit support tickets

Knowledge Base: our database of known software issues and their solutions or patches

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