Implementation Services

Services to help you build your future, founded on proven solution delivery best practices and delivered by a global team.

Successful implementations start with a clear picture

Our goal is to deliver a solution that meets your needs. That’s why we always start an implementation project by talking with you to learn about your specific business requirements. Based on this, we can then agree how to implement your project on time and in budget.

1. Understand

Get a good understanding of your needs
Based on your company’s priorities, determine whether our Industry Template will fulfill your needs, or if a full business analysis for a bespoke implementation is required.

2. Build

Build your environment
Configure our software according to the agreed project plan including integration with your existing applications and conduct factory, site and user acceptance testing.

3. Migrate

System and data migration
Optimize and transfer the data, functionality and procedures from your existing systems to the new environment. During this stage, we will minimize the downtime for your users.

4. Accept

Ensure users accept the system
Following acceptance and compliance validation, the software will be deployed to your users. To ensure success after go-live, we provide user training and continued support.

Industry Templates

Get return on your investment in just 30 days

Fast. Effective. Successful.

The benefits of implementing business software solutions are clear, but the time and resources needed for the project are often a barrier. Use our best practice templates with packaged services to implement our software in just 30 days.

Industry Templates

Custom Implementations

Configured to meet your exact business needs

Exactly what you need

If you have specific needs, you’ve found the right software. BlueCielo Meridian is highly configurable, so no matter how demanding your requirements, our specialists can help you. Get a custom scope of work for a perfect fit.

Custom Implementations

Measure the true financial impact of your implementation with our Value Assessment service

Value assessments can be used to quantify the benefits and true financial impact of implementing BlueCielo Meridian. This information can be used to help you build a business case to invest in or expand the use of your software. Most companies that have implemented or plan to implement software can easily understand the cost and efficiency benefits such a solution provides. What is more difficult, however, is putting figures on these benefits and measuring the actual impact.

By performing a value assessment before and after the implementation, you take the guess work out of the business case and replace it with objective facts about your starting baseline and the actual gains you achieve.

Value Assessment

Professional consultancy when it counts

We offer highly experienced delivery teams that include accomplished project managers, solution engineers, consultants, quality assurance and technical support personnel. Our consultants and solution engineers have many years of expertise and can accommodate the requirements of your business. Their advice is based on experience with Meridian software implementations at organizations with a variety of different needs.

Our whole team works together to guarantee smooth, successful project execution for a rapid deployment and maximum return on your investment.

BlueCielo consultants can also help with:

  • Application integrations
  • Architecture design
  • Business process analysis
  • Data migration