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Get an on demand report showing the quantifiable value and benefits of implementing BlueCielo software.

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The ROI Calculator is created to provide an indication of the power of the BlueCielo software solutions and the Return on Investment that an implementing customer can expect. This online tool provides an immediate insight into potential benefits based on real-life assessments. Your results provide quantifiable benefits to help you to select the best software and build your business case.

It can be hard work getting all the numbers needed to build a business case for a software implementation or expansion. For a lot of our customers the time needed to do this can be a barrier. That’s why we designed our ROI calculator.
The ROI calculator does the hard work for you, by doing 3 things:


Generate your ROI


Get instant results

Apply these findings with the cost of implementation to generate a total potential value over the next 5 years (your return on investment time).

Quantify the benefits


Discover your value

Calculate time savings per user group (time to search, edit, review, exchange or prepare documents) and what it is worth.

Find the right software


Avoid the guesswork

Based on your organizational characteristics and your current situation, determine which software level will offer the greatest benefit.
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How it works

Select organizational characteristics such as company type and industry. Add some company details like your employees, collaborating network, project & regulatory requirements. Choose your current situation – the way in which engineering content is managed today. Refine the details as much as you like. And let the calculator do the rest.

Instant results

Based on the data you enter, the ROI Calculator will generate your personalized results, including a recommended software level, the payback period, net present value and your Return on Investment.

These results are shown to you immediately.
If you wish, you can go back and adjust details until you are satisfied, then update your results.

The calculator will automatically show industry average figures to guide you – but you can adjust these to fit your company’s needs. Your results will be personalized based on the specific details you enter.

ROI Calculator - example results

ROI results example download

Information you can use

Once you have your results, you can choose how to use it:

  • Save the direct URL to your results so you can revisit them later
  • Email your results to yourself or someone else
  • Or download the PDF so you can use it offline.

If you choose to download your results, they will be delivered as a professionally formatted ebook. Here we are showing an example. Your results ebook will be personalized with your name, company name, and all of the data you have entered, together with your results and recommendations.

Start the ROI Calculator

Your data is safe

BlueCielo respects your privacy. Any data you enter into the ROI calculator is safe and the calculator does not ask for any data that could compromise your company.

ARC Advisory Group

Endorsed by ARC Advisory Group

The BlueCielo ROI Calculator was created to provide an indication of the power of our software solutions and the Return on Investment that an implementing customer can expect. The underlying calculations, methodology and underlying assumptions, are based on thorough research and robust analysis. It is a culmination of years of experience and collaboration with our customers and partners.

Much of the knowledge and core functionality presented in this tool is a result of the BlueCielo Value Assessment Service. The methodology of the Value Assessment has been endorsed by ARC Advisory Group.