One of the Netherlands’ main hospitals, Radboud UMC in Nijmegen, has in cooperation with BlueCielo put together a short case story video. Learn how Radboud UMC manages 100+ buildings without losing a document.

This video follows Willy Baten, the Head Applications Manager and covers some of the benefits and revelations at the hospital as a result of BlueCielo’s software.

100 Buildings, 20,000 Documents and Drawings

Radboud UMC has been a user of BlueCielo software since early 2000, and so has grown continuously in the software and developed into one of the leading examples of technical documentation management in the Netherlands. As the centerpiece of a complex portfolio of applications including Finance systems, space management systems, BIM systems, BlueCielo Meridian is their go-to location for all documentation.

“With BlueCielo Meridian, we’ve never lost a document.”

Mr. Baten confidently advocates that since the implementation of BlueCielo Meridian, they have never lost a document. Quite a feat when you consider the 100+ buildings they manage and maintain in collaboration with a score of contractors.

Radboud UMC have also undertaken an in-depth value assessment which will provide them a comprehensive overview of the added value they have received through the years.

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