Project Description

About Waterschap Scheldestromen

Waterschap Scheldestromen is the governmental body responsible for protecting Zeeland against floods by managing the 525-kilometer sea defences. They also ensure that the outer areas are accessible by managing and maintaining more than 3,900 kilometers of roads. This makes Waterschap Scheldestromen the largest road manager in Zeeland.

Apart from protection against flooding by seawater, Waterschap Scheldestromen is also responsible for the collection and disposal of excess rainwater. In dry periods they ensure that the water is retained for as long as possible. Waterschap Scheldestromen does this by managing over 11,000 km of ditches, creeks, watercourses and polder pumping stations. Another of their tasks is to make sure that wastewater produced by households and companies is purified. This is done using 17 wastewater purification plants.

Business Issues

Waterschap Scheldestromen did not have a single standard for technical drawings. This resulted in lost documents and no controlled document workflow – so they wanted to improve possibilities to share the correct information.

How Waterschap Scheldestromen uses BlueCielo solutions

BlueCielo Partner Vector Eyes implemented BlueCielo Meridian for Waterschap Scheldestromen to provide benefits including:

  • Unified document storage (one standard for all files)
  • Consistent data
  • Controlled and secure access
  • As-built digital information shared to organization through web client

What Waterschap Scheldestromen says

“Vector Eyes provides proper advice and offers a supporting role. This is done with great enthusiasm.”
– Information Analyst, Waterschap Scheldestromen

Waterschap Scheldestromen pic