Project Description

About Total

Total Fina Antwerp Olefins is a joint venture between Total and ExxonMobil. Total Fina Antwerp Olefins refines naphtha, butane and propane to base chemicals: ethylene, propylene, butadiene and benzene. These monomers are either used in the Antwerp and Feluy plants for polymer production, or delivered to the chemical industry for the production of a variety of fine chemicals and consumer products.

How Total uses BlueCielo solutions

Total implemented BlueCielo Meridian with the Advanced Project Workflow module and the Asset Management module for integration with SAP Plant Maintenance. The BlueCielo solution helped Total achieve the following:

  • Optimize engineering change process
  • Streamline outsourced engineering activities
  • Ensure and keep license to operate
  • Achieve immediate and accurate up to date asset-related technical information
  • Improve accessibility, quality and availability of asset information and engineering content
  • Provide easy and secure access for external parties and contractors

What Total says

“The BlueCielo solution provides us with a single source of asset information to find and retrieve all plant-related engineering content. The solution facilitates the Management of Change process and keeps control over document changes in engineering projects. In addition, we have centralized the reservation of assets in the BlueCielo solution.”
– Engineering Manager at Total Fina Antwerp Olefins

“The BlueCielo solution provides us with single source of asset information and manages the plant related engineering and maintenance processes.”
– Engineering Manager at Total Fina Antwerp Olefins

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Learn how Total manages asset information with BlueCielo Meridian integrated with SAP PM, including optimized engineering change processes and streamlined outsourced engineering activities.

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