Project Description

About RWE

RWE Power AG supplies 158.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually, produced by brown coal and regular coal power stations as well as nuclear power plants and regenerative power plants. RWE continually works on methods to improve and optimize the efficiency of their new and existing power stations. Optimization is a key aspect in the engineering, design and construction of new and existing power stations. Efficiency is an important factor in the planning of the operations and maintenance of the power stations.

How RWE uses BlueCielo solutions

RWE implemented BlueCielo Meridian to achieve:

  • Installation-oriented archive of technical documents
  • Documents available in a rapid and simple way when breakdowns occur
  • Improved collaboration with external planning agencies
  • Flexible solution with a user friendly interface

What RWE says

“BlueCielo Meridian makes it possible to get rapid access to the technical documents within the system, not least because of the wide-ranging search functions. The system has been well-received by the employees because of its ease of operation. Without BlueCielo Meridian, any progress at the new construction site would have been unthinkable.”
– Manager of the Construction and Documentation department

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Learn how RWE uses BlueCielo Meridian to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime and get rapid access to technical documents.

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