Project Description

About RegionalWerke AG Baden

Regionalwerke AG Baden supplies electricity, gas, district heating and drinking water to the city of Baden and some of its surrounding communities. They also operate approximately 100 miles of fibre optic cables and an IT data centre. Regionalwerke AG Baden also offers a Web GIS service called geoProRegio which makes relevant GIS information available through an online service.

Business Issues

Regionalwerke AG Baden needed an Engineering Information Management (EIM) solution in which documents can be controlled, viewed or changed through access rights, that is compliant with local regulations, offers instant and easy backtracking of information and is integrated with GIS (geoProRegio).

How RegionalWerke uses BlueCielo solutions

Mensch und Maschine implemented BlueCielo Meridian integrated with AutoCAD and GIS. This delivered a solution with the following benefits:

  • All information is searchable
  • All document versions are accessible and viewable
  • Transparent document backtracking
  • Documented history of who has accessed what and when
  • Superb integration between GIS and BlueCielo Meridian

What Regionalwerke AG Baden says

“Successful long-term archiving always needs to be founded on a document management solution like BlueCielo Meridian. Working only with a GIS software would not result in such a detailed overview and would never provide reliable backtracking.”
– Geomatics Engineer, Regionalwerke AG Baden


RegionalWerke AG Baden