Project Description

About RATP

The RATP Group is the fifth largest player in public transport. RATP is involved in all modes of collective mobility, including subway, rail, tram and bus. In the region of Ile-de-France it operates, maintains, modernizes and develops one of the most dense multimodal networks in the world. Every day, it carries more than 12 million people in France and around the world. RATP now has subsidiaries on all continents, and the RATP group employs 56,000 people.

Business Issues

The RATP needed to trace documents, centralize document storage and meet quality standards and procedures.

How RATP uses BlueCielo solutions

DIRIBEO implemented BlueCielo Meridian with one vault for documents used by the side research department and a second vault for operations management. This solution delivered benefits to RATP including:

  • Homogenization of works methods
  • Centralized management of document templates for compliance of quality

What RATP says

“In addition to the usual intake of a document management system (filing, research, etc.), the system also contributes to the capitalization of experience. The system has facilitated the adhesion of users through the use of document templates. It plays an essential role in the process quality of the company now.”
– Business Analyst Railway System and Rolling Equipment, Centre Pompidou