Project Description

About Radboud UMC

The RadboudUMC is an academic medical center. For them, what matters, is the human and his or her quality of life, from start until the end. In everything they do. RadboudUMC offers their patients clinical and referral care and have an important social role in increasing and disseminating knowledge and skills. The RadboudUMC wants to lead, or contribute actively in to the development of sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare. And therefore the health of the human and the society in the Netherlands and abroad.

Business issues

The clients of UMC St. Radboud have high demands according to availability and information. They are a dynamic organization with a high requirement of information of the buildings and installations.

How Radboud UMC uses BlueCielo solutions

Radboud UMC implemented BlueCielo Meridian to achieve the following benefits:

  • Cope with with legal regulations
  • Increasing the quality of services and products

What RadboudUMC says

“Because of the high quality and unique features of BlueCielo Meridian, users and administrators have the confidence that their documents are stored in a structured and focused location and can be found. This means that the user is also willing to use this system and increase value to their process.”
– ICT Infrastructure & Real Estate Developer

Watch the Video

100 Buildings, 20,000 Documents and Drawings – Radboud UMC Share Their Journey

Radboud UMC has been a user of BlueCielo software since early 2000. In this short video, Willy Baten, the Head Applications Manager for Radboud UMC, explains why since the implementation of BlueCielo Meridian, they have never lost a document.