Project Description

About PWN

PWN supplies one hundred and six million cubic meters of drinking water to more than 760,000 individuals, companies and institutions in the province of North Holland each year. Water purification takes place in plants in Andijk, Bergen, Heemskerk and Wijk aan Zee and in the dunes which PWN manages: 7,334 acres of natural areas between Zandvoort and Bergen.

Business Issues

PWN must manage data relating to the delivery, purification, production and supply of drinking water. This entails the management and maintenance of numerous facilities and pipelines and their associated data. PWN needed a system that would ensure that the latest accurate data relating to all their assets was always available – so they asked Betagraphics to implement a new software solution to achieve this.

How PWN uses BlueCielo solutions

Betagraphics implemented BlueCielo Meridian at PWN to deliver benefits including:.

  • Fast access to accurate information
  • Tag-doc relations link assets to related drawings, documents, photographs and technical specifications
  • New colleagues can be quickly trained to use BlueCielo Meridian
  • Documents, drawings and videos stored in a single point of trith: the BlueCielo Meridian vault

What PWN says about BlueCielo Meridian software

“To work with installation drawings you need a dynamic package. Our projects can include 1500 drawings that we need to exchange with third parties.”
– Information Manager, PWN

What PWN says about working with Betagraphics

“Betagraphics is very friendly and approachable. We have short lines, and above all they think along with us. We are quickly served in the creation of useful tools which further improve our efficiency.”