Project Description

About Laricina Energy

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Laricina Energy is a privately held company focused on leading-edge bitumen (oil sands) exploration, development and production. The company is focused exclusively on the development of in situ (underground) bitumen deposits in sand and carbonate formations, and has established five project development areas with the potential to produce in excess of 500000 gross barrels of bitumen per day. Laricina’s growth is focused on its two current project areas, Saleski and Germain, where development is currently underway.

What Laricina Energy Says

“BlueCielo Meridian serves as a single point of truth, allowing us to quickly and easily discover the most up to date version of a document, whenever and wherever we need it. Between the time savings and optimizing the number of internal resources needed to manage documentation, we’re able to save significant capital annually and greatly enhance our operational efficiency.”
– Project Manager, Laricina Energy

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