Project Description

About KPN Datacenters

KPN is a leading provider of ICT services. With a wide range of products and services, KPN operates with different brands many different customer groups, both at home and abroad. KPN Datacenters is leader in green datacenters, operating 11 datacenters in The Netherlands (30,000 sqm). KPN offers innovative products and hosting infrastructure services and their datacenters are a safe environment for systems, applications, and information.

Business Issues

KPN’s clients demands maximum reliability and performance, multiple versions of documents are used during production and the outsourcing of engineering and construction increases.

How KPN Datacenters uses BlueCielo solutions

KPN Datacenters implemented BlueCielo Meridian and BlueCielo Meridian Advanced Project Workflow to achieve benefits including:

  • Plant safety & regulatory compliance
  • Improve quality of process and product/service
  • Managed exchange of engineering data with external parties

What KPN Datacenters says

“The BlueCielo Meridian platform not only supports the exchange of data, but also enables us to assure quality. If the required information for operating and maintaining our datacentres cannot be found in BlueCielo Meridian, we don’t have it.”
– KPN Datacenters


KPN Business