Project Description

About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil in Norway is the third largest oil and gas producer on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with ownership interests in 30 gas and oil fields and a 10 per cent stake in the Norwegian infrastructure for gas transportation and treatment. ExxonMobil operates the Balder, Jotun, Ringhorne, and Sigyn fields. Total production in 2010 was about 367000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

How ExxonMobil uses BlueCielo solutions

Today, ExxonMobil uses BlueCielo Meridian to manage approximately 120000 technical documents regarding offshore installations, including all sub-sea installations and the topside installations JotunB and Ringhorne and the floating processing units JotunA and Balder (TW0715_3).

What ExxonMobil says

“It is extremely important that all parties work in one system. This is the only way that whether they are onshore, offshore, supplier, contractor or my own office, every party can be guaranteed fast and easy access so that document availability is never an issue.”
– Facility Manager at ExxonMobil

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Learn how ExxonMobil used BlueCielo Meridian to improve the accessibility, quality and availability of asset information, while complying with NORSOK regulations and ensuring the license to operate.

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