Project Description

About Enecogen

Enecogen will be the most environmentally friendly and cleanest power plant recently built in Europe. Enecogen is the owner operator of the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant in the Rotterdam Europort area. With a capacity of 870 Megawatts, Eneco and DONG Energy are the joint shareholders of the plant and share the exploitation of electricity of the environmentally friendly power plant. Siemens is the main contractor and responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. The energy generated by Enecogen is supplied by Joulz to the national grid of TenneT through a 380 KV cable connection.

How Enecogen uses BlueCielo solutions

  • Streamline engineering project activities
  • Ensure and keep the license to operate and CO2 emission license
  • Immediate and accurate up-to-date as-built documentation
  • Improved accessibility, quality and availability of asset information
  • Provide easy and secure access for external contractors

What Enecogen says

“Enecogen needs to provide up-to-date asset information to its shareholders and regulatory bodies to
provide full compliance and maintain the license to operate.”
– General Manager, Enecogen