Project Description

About Delesto

Delesto is a joint venture of AkzoNobel and Essent and the Owner Operator of one of the largest combined power and heat generators in Europe. Delesto delivers 530 MW of electricity per year to consumers and 700 tons of heat per hour to nearby process facilities. In addition to electricity and heat, Delesto also delivers forced air, cooling water, process water and natural gas.

What Delesto says

“Being an owner operator, it is our responsibility to provide fast and direct access to all relevant information in case of an emergency. We can also manage the change process more efficiently because we now have a better view on all required document changes related to equipment, pipes, and lines.”
– Maintenance and Engineering Manager, Delesto

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Learn how Delesto uses BlueCielo Meridian to control management of change processes, streamline outsourced engineering and protect the license to operate.

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