Project Description

About Biwater

Established in 1968 in the United Kingdom, Biwater operates as a group of companies, sharing the specialist knowledge and international experience that provides clean, safe drinking water to millions of people worldwide. It has built an enviable global reputation and to date has operated in over ninety countries.

Biwater has a highly successful track record spanning the complete range of water and wastewater products and services, such as water and wastewater treatment, membrane technology and desalination, water asset management, infrastructure ownership, leisure, and environmental advice.

Business Requirements

Biwater needed to implement a solution that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its document management.

How Biwater uses BlueCielo solutions

Fenix Consulting (now part of Excitech) has worked closely with Biwater over many years to develop and evolve for them an effective Engineering Information Management (EIM) system. Over time Fenix has configured and customized BlueCielo’s Meridian software to meet the needs of Biwater International. Since implementing BlueCielo Meridian, Biwater has been able to manage and control drawings and related documents with improved ease and accuracy.

What Biwater says

“BlueCielo Meridian acts as a knowledge-base where we can refer to old drawings; it saves us time. Meridian allows me to quickly locate files and to produce PDF files that can be sent to wherever they are needed. I know where I am with Meridian. It gives me the control we need.”
– Biwater

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