Project Description

About ANWB

ANWB Bewegwijzering (ANWB Signposting) is an engineering consultancy involved in an advisory capacity and in the design, placing and maintenance of road signs across the Netherlands.

The ANWB Association (currently known as De nederlandse Bewegwijzeringsdienst [DnB]) was founded in 1883 in the Netherlands. The ANWB’s aim is to serve the interests of its members in the fields of recreation, tourism, traffic and transport. The ANWB has been putting up road signs since 1894 and today oversees the signposting needs of local councils, provinces and national traffic departments across the Netherlands.

How ANWB uses BlueCielo solutions

  • Link Engineering Information Management and ERP
  • Ensure document availability
  • Shorten project duration
  • Review management
  • Historical overview
  • Improve provision of information for clients
  • Reduce software maintenance costs