Synergy Program

The Synergy program provides a mutually beneficial relationship between Accruent and a network of global partners who work with us to sell, implement and support  Meridian solutions. This ensures we have highly satisfied customers who are getting the most value out of our solution.

Together we are even more than the sum of our parts. That’s why we call it Synergy.

Accruent Synergy is a program that provides a mutually beneficial relationship between Accruent and our partners around the world. Synergy provides the link between our organization and the partners who sell, implement and support our world-class engineering software solutions.

Our partners benefit by being part of a global network that shares and exchanges specialist knowledge. Accruent benefits from the custom expertise, local knowledge and complementary solutions and services that each partner brings with them. And by working together, our customers benefit from having the best of both worlds.

If you are customer-focused, have experience in asset management, engineering document and/or drawing management solutions, and you’d like to expand your offering with proven solutions for the entire asset lifecycle, then the Synergy is the right program for you.

The Synergy program is based on three pillars – Enable, Market and Sell – with support offered to our partners in each area.

Synergy program - how it works

Accruent enables its partners through continued support, sales, pre-sales, marketing, technical education and project involvement.

Accruent provides marketing support through branding, awareness, marketing and joint lead generation programs.

Accruent equips partners with the knowledge, sales, tools, value propositions and strategy to effectively sell our solutions, resulting in self-sufficiency. In addition, our partners can also count on active support during their sales cycle from highly experienced partner managers and business applications consultants.

Key benefits of being an Accruent Partner

Become a part of a global network of experts
When you join Synergy, you become part of a worldwide network through which you can gain knowledge, get advice on common challenges and learn from others’ success.

Get dedicated support from Accruent
All partners have their own Accruent Partner Manager, who provides a central contact for your questions and advice about the company and our software. Your Partner Manager can help you to close deals, promote your incentives and gain visibility for your organization through Accruent.

Gain access to our Self Service Center
With the new online center, you can manage your accounts, contact and support tickets online. Access exclusive content about Meridian software, our Knowledge Base, Partner Marketing Kit, and much more…

Growing together – our success is your success

At Accruent we build relationships for the long term, and that includes the relationships with our partners. We believe our partners are key part of our success – so when we innovate, expand and improve, our partners gain too. Through the Synergy program, we help our partners grow their business and gain competitive market presence.

Our success is your successOnline visibility
In addition to offline marketing support for your Meridian events, news and customers, we provide our partners with online profiles to highlight their specific expertise, and we promote their programs via our website, social media and electronic communications .

Technical training
We provide our partners with technical advanced training to provide the essential technical knowledge and expertise for conducting successful implementations on Accruent solutions.

Members of partner organizations can become  Certified Specialists. This certification program enables those who meet specific prerequisites and have gained sufficient implementation expertise to achieve exclusive certification as specialists.

Each year, Accruent Partners from 5 continents come together for our Synergy event.

Accruent Synergy provides a platform for our partners to unite as a global team. At Synergy partners can network, exchange ideas and gain exclusive access to key information including: upcoming product launches, the Accruent roadmap, industry trends shaping our markets, new sales techniques and presentations by global experts.

Synergy also allows us the opportunity to recognize excellence in our partner network with an awards ceremony and presentation dinner. And, directly after the Synergy event, we offer partners the chance to complete the latest training in discounted sessions, ensuring they have the expertise needed for the year ahead.

Learn more about our Synergy events:

 Synergy 2018

Lisbon, Portugal


Synergy 2017 - Belgrade, Serbia

Synergy 2017

Belgrade, Serbia


Synergy 2016 Austria

Synergy 2016

Innsbruck, Austria


Synergy 2015 Amsterdam
Synergy 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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