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Mensch und Maschine

Mensch und Maschine Software SE (MuM) is a leading European supplier of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Product Data Management (PDM) and Building Information Management (BIM) software with locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Romania, Spain, USA, Brazil, Japan and APAC.

M+M’s diversified product range includes CAD/CAM/PDM/BIM solutions in different price / performance areas for key industries (e.g. mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture, infrastructure). The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Wessling near Munich. In 2015, group sales of over EUR 160 million were achieved with 731 employees.

Mensch und Maschine has 1 BlueCielo Certified Specialist 2018

Our specialized knowledge has allowed us to develop a wide variety of services that address our customers’ needs across multiple industries, empowering them to design, visualize, and simulate to the highest standard. Mensch und Maschine’s professional training center in Suhr is a fantastic environment where customers can learn from industry experts, gain authorized qualifications and ensure that any software investment is utilized to its full potential.

If you are looking to improve engineering efficiency, reduce costs and bring products to market faster, Mensch und Maschine’s consultative approach will help you to gain a competitive advantage and leverage your own expertise to increase productivity and innovation.

Mensch und Maschine provides the following additional modules for BlueCielo Meridian:

  • MuM Interface to AutoCAD ecsCAD
  • MuM CL-Tools for Meridian and Inventor / AutoCAD Mechanical
  • MuM MPM (MuM Meridian Partlist Modul)
  • MuM CL-Powertools for Meridian and Inventor Professional

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Contact Mensch und Maschine

Mensch und Maschine Deutschland
Argelsrieder Feld 5
D-82234 Wessling
Tel +49(0) 8153/933-0
Mensch und Maschine Schweiz
Zürichstrasse 25
8185 Winkel
Infoline +41 848 190 000
Mensch und Maschine Austria
Großwilfersdorf 102/1 8263
Tel +43 (0) 33 85 / 6 60 01

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BlueCielo Certified Specialists 2018

  1. Frank Mönkemeyer

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