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The Kinsmen Group specializes in Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solutions and services for asset intensive industries designed to reduce risk and cost, improve compliance and increase the productivity of major capital projects and asset operations.

Kinsmen Group has 2 BlueCielo Certified Specialists 2018

Founded in 2015 the Kinsmen Group employs some of the most talented individuals in the industry with over 100 years of combined experience in designing, implementing and supporting CAD and engineering document control solutions.

Our services and solutions span the lifecycle of operational assets in the Oil & Gas, Utility, Construction, Pharmaceutical and Transportation sectors.

Serving customers globally and building on many years of experience with BlueCielo Meridian and other ECM platforms, Kinsmen Group also provides enterprise remote administrator support, data integrity services, change control, deliverables management and document control services.

For more information on how Kinsmen Group could help your project or asset operations please contact us or visit our website.

Download these free resources from the Kinsmen Group website:
Kinsmen Where's the Fire

Where’s the fire? – A Plant Manager’s tale

This free eBook is a lighthearted account, based on many years of real world experience, of the impact of incorrect asset information.

Kinsmen Deliverables ManagementDeliverables Management – An Engineering Project Essential

This free white paper explores the importance of managing processes, people and engineering deliverables to deliver a successful major capital project, contrasting the similarities between document and air traffic control.

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9595 Six Pines Dr. Suite, 8210
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Tel 832-631-6105


Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
Brunel Building, Suite 117, James Watt Avenue
Glasgow, Scotland, G75 0QD
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)1355 204241

BlueCielo Certified Specialists 2018

  1. Lara Graham
  2. Nick Carr

Customer successes

Kinsmen Group supports customers in a wide range of industries. Here’s what one of our customers says about working with us:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian Sallade and many of his team members when they implemented Johnson and Johnson’s global Engineering Information Management system in 2007, which was widely viewed as a tremendous success. Brian’s new venture, Kinsmen Group, brings together the best talent from across the globe. They are well versed in multiple engineering systems, business processes, as well as customer needs and support. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind Kinsmen Group. I look forward to our continued partnership.”
Facilities Systems, Johnson & Johnson