BlueCielo Certified Specialist Program

BlueCielo Academy provides partners with the opportunity to gain official recognition of the specialized BlueCielo knowledge and experience in their organization.

Customers want experts

BlueCielo Certified Specialists have proven knowledge of our products to deliver high quality implementations.

A Certified Specialist is recognized as being able to implement BlueCielo solutions to a standard that meets customers’ increasingly demanding business requirements. BlueCielo technical specialists that are employed by any authorized BlueCielo Partner and meet the registration requirements can now become a BlueCielo Certified Specialist through participation in the BlueCielo Certified Specialist program. BlueCielo will turn to its Certified Specialists first when their expertise is required.

To become a Certified Specialist, you must be a BlueCielo technical specialist employed by a BlueCielo authorized Partner and you must have sufficient experience with and knowledge about the BlueCielo product suite. If you meet the full registration requirements, then you can register.

Become a BlueCielo Certified Specialist

Why become a Certified Specialist?

BlueCielo Certified Specialists:

  • Are known for their skills and experience
  • Offer their customers increased value
  • Are part of an elite group with a preferred status
  • Are recognized with a certification package

Why employ a Certified Specialist?

Having a BlueCielo Certified Specialist:

  • Gives your team a competitive edge
  • Provides globally recognition of your experts
  • Shows your team’s expertise to meet customer needs
  • Makes your company a preferred provider

Preferred Providers 2017


Our Certified Partners have demonstrated a solid knowledge of BlueCielo Meridian suite. The following partners have now BlueCielo Certified Specialists:

 Mensch und Maschine
 Symetri
 Cadmbia
 EDM Solutions AS
 Kinsmen Group
 Onset Design
 Pentagon Solutions Ltd.
 Sweco Belgium
 Volantis

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