BlueCielo Certified Specialist Program

BlueCielo Academy provides partners with the opportunity to gain official recognition of the specialized BlueCielo knowledge and experience in their organization.

BlueCielo Certified Implementation Specialist have proven knowledge of our products to deliver high quality implementations.

BlueCielo Academy provides Partners the opportunity to gain official recognition of the specialized BlueCielo product knowledge and experience present within their organization. The Certification Program will take place on December 22, 2017. Attendees passing the certification exam become Certified Implementation Specialists on software version from the year 2017.

How to become Certified Implementation Specialist

Technical Implementation Specialists employed by BlueCielo authorized partners with sufficient experience to demonstrate possession of the BlueCielo product suite knowledge can sign up for the Certified Implementation Specialist program.
Attendees will be extensively tested in an online environment on their technical and practical knowledge of implementing BlueCielo solutions even in the most challenging environments.

Pre-requisites to become a Certified Implementation Specialist

  • Have at least one year experience in all technical aspects of the BlueCielo Meridian software on Base, Standard and Plus licenses level
  • Have delivered at least two BlueCielo implementations on Plus level
  • Have conducted at least one major upgrade of  customer installation on Plus level
  • Have current product authorization / certification
  • Be employed by an authorized BlueCielo partner
  • Be proficient in English language

Why become a Certified Specialist?

BlueCielo Certified Specialists:

  • Are known for their skills and experience
  • Offer their customers increased value
  • Are part of an elite group with a preferred status
  • Are recognized with a certification package


Why employ a Certified Specialist?

Having a BlueCielo Certified Specialist:

  • Gives your team a competitive edge
  • Provides globally recognition of your experts
  • Shows your team’s expertise to meet customer needs
  • Makes your company a preferred provider


Why Customers want Certified Specialists?

Customers wants experts:

  • Customers prefer a provider who can implement their new software as quickly as possible
  • Certified Implementation Specialists have proven knowledge to efficiently deliver a high quality implementation


Do you have what it takes to become a BlueCielo Certified Specialist?

Would you like to be recognized as one then please register for the inaugural exam via the registration button.

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