BlueCielo Partners

We believe our strong partner network plays a key role in offering maximum value to our customers.

About Our Partners

BlueCielo Partner network

We have people around the world to give you local support with your global solutions. BlueCielo Partners are handpicked to help our customers to get maximum value from their software. When you work with a BlueCielo Partner, you can trust they will be:

  • Committed – BlueCielo partners are selected for their commitment to our customers, their knowledge of our solutions, experience with implementing and maintaining them and their own specific market expertise.
  • Capable – Each BlueCielo partner is able to advise our customers and provide all the services necessary to implement, maintain and improve the BlueCielo solution within our customers’ specific business processes.
  • Close to you – Our partners provide services in your local area. This means they speak your language, work in the same time zone as you and know the specific challenges or benefits of operating in your area.

The Synergy Partner program provides the link between BlueCielo and the global partners who sell, implement and support our world-class engineering software solutions. Our partners benefit by being part of a global network that shares and exchanges specialist knowledge. BlueCielo benefits from the local knowledge and custom expertise that each partner brings. And by working together, our customers benefit from having the best of both worlds. Our partners have access to BlueCielo Academy Partner Training courses that deliver technical information about our software so that they can provide the best possible service to our customers. We also have the BlueCielo Certified Specialist program that allows partners with specific expertise to achieve exclusive certification as BlueCielo specialists.

Together we are even more than the sum of our parts. That’s why we call it BlueCielo Synergy.

Annual BlueCielo Partner Event

Each year, BlueCielo Partners from around the world come together for our BlueCielo Synergy event. These events reflect the diversity and dynamism of all our partners and this gives them a truly special atmosphere. Aside from the information shared about key industry trends, product news and great key speakers, Synergy events provide a hub for our partners to come together as a complete team.

View news and photographs from our  Synergy events:

BlueCielo Synergy 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal
BlueCielo Synergy 2017 – Belgrade, Serbia
BlueCielo Synergy 2016 – Innsbruck, Austria
BlueCielo Synergy 2015 – Amsterdam, Netherlands