We are excited to announce the latest release of Meridian software to manage engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle, and now offered to users as a subscription.

We are excited to announce the latest release of Meridian, our innovative Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) software used by over 1,200 companies to manage engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle. Meridian is now available both as a cloud service and on-premise server and, and is offered as a subscription. This release includes Meridian Cloud, an all-new new cloud service platform, as well as updates to the on premise platform Meridian Server, Meridian Clients, and the Meridian Mobile app, to provide organizations in asset-intensive and highly regulated industries with maximum reliability and global availability of their mission-critical asset information.



Meridian Cloud

Meridian Cloud is the world’s first complete ALIM solution in the cloud. This secure cloud service for engineering information management, built on Microsoft Azure, ensures that users are informed, aligned, compliant and in control throughout asset lifecycles. Offered through a subscription-based model, Meridian Cloud reduces startup costs, simplifies procurement and operational budgeting, and enables costs to stay in line with changing requirements and actual software usage.

Meridian Cloud License Subscriptions

This release also introduces new Meridian Cloud License Subscriptions, which enable customers to utilize the level of capabilities that best meet their needs and organizational scale. These subscriptions entitle users to Meridian software, including on-premises servers, cloud services, and apps on users’ mobile or desktop devices. They also include technical support, training, upgrades, and additional resources. Unlike traditional perpetual license purchases with recurring maintenance, Meridian Cloud License Subscriptions help users reduce startup costs, simplify procurement and operational budgeting, and help manage continuing costs in response to actual usage and changing requirements.


Meridian Analytics

Meridian Analytics is a new cloud service for providing insights into engineering data captured within the Meridian platform. Its quality analytics provide visibility into the metadata on documents and information managed within Meridian. This service enables customers to quickly and effectively analyze and understand their data quality and integrity and plan for improvement.


Meridian Clients

In addition, these new releases include enhanced capabilities of the four Meridian Clients that enable users to interact with asset information within Meridian:

  • Meridian Power – Enables creation and modification of engineering data in Meridian.
  • Meridian Explorer – Provides search, retrieval, and sharing across departments.
  • Meridian Portal – Enables secure collaboration with external stakeholders and contractors.
  • Meridian Mobile – Enables barcode scanning and data retrieval via smartphone or tablet.


Meridian Server

Meridian Server, the on-premise platform for organizations requiring more advanced capabilities and integrations, has also been updated to provide new consolidated capabilities including support for advanced information types, workflow auditing, performance enhancements for very large datasets and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) integrations.

“As we’ve moved from working with 1,200 BlueCielo customers into Accruent’s world of over 7,000 global customers, there’s a growing demand for the maximum reliability and global availability of a cloud-based solution for managing engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle. The Meridian development team and our beta customers are delighted by the way Accruent’s scale and expertise have helped accelerate the timing and expanded the scope of these enhancements.”
Willem-Jan Scholten, SVP of International Sales, Accruent
“Meridian Cloud will allow us to take advantage of built-in industry best practices for asset information data management, with workflows ‘preconfigured’ within the software. This service will simplify and accelerate our implementation of asset lifecycle information management at new sites around the world.”
Christopher Bornstein, Global Asset Information Management Systems Coordinator, Kaneka
“We already rely on Meridian to manage our critical asset information for nine plant locations worldwide, and are working to roll out to an additional seven plants by the end of 2018. The new Meridian Analytics offers extended visibility into all of our existing asset information. With this new service, we’ll gain far-reaching insights into our data and ensure that our users get the right information every single time, which will have a tremendous positive impact.”
Bill Eager, Drawing Management Engineer, AbbVie
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