The leading solution to enhance asset management and performance throughout the asset lifecycle, with support for concurrent engineering and regulatory compliance.


Improve asset data integrity and extend the longevity of your revenue-generating assets.

Enhance operational excellence

Improve asset management throughout the asset lifecycle for enhanced productivity, efficiency and safety. Increase your return on assets through reduced production costs.

Control Change

Simplify the management of parallel engineering tasks within complex plant modifications.

Even during concurrent projects

Ensure 24/7 access to the latest information regardless of your location. Improve communication with externals and enjoy full control of concurrent engineering change.


Comply with environmental, health and safety regulations throughout the asset lifecycle.

Protect your license to operate

Achieve zero-defect handovers between departments, contractors and suppliers. Ensure compliance with regulations including FERC and NERC with a full audit trail.

Get more from your assets

BlueCielo offers Utilities companies a comprehensive solution to manage and easily access all information related to revenue-generating assets throughout their lifetime. Our software contributes to extending asset longevity, avoiding downtime and provides full proof of control at any time.

It’s possible with BlueCielo Meridian

The world’s leading Utility companies rely on BlueCielo solutions to be informed, compliant, and in control.

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