We excel in providing solutions for asset-intensive and highly regulated industries, helping our customers generate measurable added value. Our focus is on applying strong industry expertise, and deep understanding of demanding information management requirements, to deliver industry-tailored solutions.

BlueCielo solutions for the Oil & Gas industry


In the event of unplanned downtime, the ability to quickly access correct information is critical and may drive the company’s profitability and define its reputation. Oil and gas companies must have control of their engineering documents and drawings at all times to minimize downtime and improve safety as well as to be able to respond to a critical situation fast.

BlueCielo solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry


Companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries cannot afford to risk their reputations or their licenses to operate. They must ensure compliance at all times. They face stringent government compliance requirements, which require comprehensive auditable control of all asset information.

BlueCielo solutions for the Chemical industry


In the chemical industry, having uncontrolled data not only risks non-compliance, but it can also risk a plant’s license to operate. Engineering complexity increases as owner operators require data exchanges with more specialized contractors and suppliers. All stakeholders for maintenance, engineering, regulatory bodies, and external contractors must have easy access to accurate data and a full audit trail.

BlueCielo solutions for the Mining & Metals industry


Increasing global competition means metals and mining companies must reduce costs and optimize their profitability—but stricter regulations and growing social pressures require a sustainable approach. To increase profit margins, a greater return on assets and lower production costs must be delivered through operational excellence with full regulatory compliance.

BlueCielo solutions for the Utilities industry


Utilities companies are constantly challenged to extend the lifecycle of their aging operational assets. But as infrastructure ages, the costs of maintenance increase. At the same time, ageing of the skilled workforce and a trend toward outsourcing can result in valuable knowledge being lost to the organization. These challenges demand rigorous information management to optimize asset lifespans and facilitate knowledge retention.

Other Industries


Our customers leverage the versatility of our solutions to meet their specific needs in a broad range of industries, including: airports, banking, education, EPCMs, food & beverage, government, hospitals, pulp & paper, transportation, and telecommunications.

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Why Customers choose us - in their own words