Join us in Orlando on April 10-12 and discover solutions to drive productivity and efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle.

Pat Jenakanandhini, Chief Technology Officer at BlueCielo, will be presenting at the Fiatech 2017 Technology Conference and Showcase to provide attendees with his expert advice on overcoming data handover challenges. Held on April 10-12, 2017 in Orlando, Florida, this year’s conference will bring together a unique blend of thought leaders with subject matter expertise in engineering, IT, industry trends, and more – providing attendees with a short and long-term understanding of “The Shape of Things to Come.”

The agenda will focus on exploring how new technologies can be used to solve challenges throughout the lifecycle of capital assets. Attendees will be able to choose from more than 50 content-rich sessions providing the latest information in BIM, Workface Collaboration and Management, Regulatory Streamlining, Risk Management, Mobile IT, Data Management, Materials Management, Construction Productivity, Big Data, Advance Work Packaging, and Asset Management.

“Information handover in projects can be very cumbersome, especially when working with numerous contractors and suppliers, because of the massive amounts of data, duplicates, and formats. One of the reasons for budget overruns and delays in capital projects is lack of adequate time and budget for handover and validation of the data. At the root of this problem is that as companies become increasingly digital, they are struggling to address the explosion of information trapped in disparate systems across their organizations. Failure to manage this data leads to poor decision-making and ultimately project failures. Our solution, BlueCielo Meridian, focuses on managing information that may be constantly or concurrently in change over extended periods of time.”
Pat Jenakanandhini, CTO, BlueCielo

Data Handover: The Good, the Bad, the Missing, and the Irrelevant

Ensuring asset data integrity is a key consideration in our strategy to provide software solutions for asset-intensive organizations. Our customers need to derive insights from information to make better, smarter, fact-based decisions. However, too often that organizational information is historical, incomplete, and inaccurate. What’s more, when this inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information is used, it results in rework, duplicated effort, and unmanaged risk. Project execution takes longer, costs increase and, in every moment of downtime, revenue is lost. Information erosion can lead to “information incidents” on-site, painful handovers, and non-compliance with OSHA, industry-specific or governmental regulations.

Take Control of Data throughout the Asset Lifecycle

So how do you improve data integrity, auditability and efficiency? With BlueCielo Meridian, you can manage critical information throughout the asset lifecycle by connecting maintenance and engineering, supporting concurrent plant modifications, and improving data handover. By increasing data integrity, auditability, and efficiency, our customers are able to improve productivity and efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and manage change.


Discover how you can stay informed, compliant, and in control of your critical information
throughout the asset lifecycle with BlueCielo Meridian 2017.


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