Limited time offer provides users who act by December 31, 2017 with 50% off the upgrade from Standard to Premium Support for a full year.

BlueCielo is pleased to announce the availability of the enhanced Premium Support subscription, providing customers with a comprehensive service level of technical support. BlueCielo Global Support helps customers resolve issues quickly – minimizing the impact on their workflows and keeping their teams continually productive. Extending the benefits of Standard Support, Premium Support provides significant additional capabilities, including prioritized treatment, assisted support by phone, per-site support, support in the user’s environment via advanced remote diagnostics, and timely support with 24-hour coverage for high priority issues.

“BlueCielo technical support is already highly valued and well regarded by our customers – consistently earning exceptional scores in user satisfaction surveys. However, we increasingly see that our customers seek more personalized and deeper levels of technical support, especially for enterprises with mission-critical assets. They want faster, more direct, and more personalized resolution of their issues – and that’s exactly what Premium Support delivers,” said Daniel Heisler, Manager of Global Support at BlueCielo. “With BlueCielo Premium Support, customers can better equip their internal teams with the fastest response times and most efficient issue resolution, tailored to their specific configuration and environment. Even better, they can work with our support experts 24/7 for their high priority issues so they don’t have to delay their own work even after hours or over the weekend.”

Standard Support

Provides the help customers need from the people who know the software best, the BlueCielo Global Support team, and includes:

  • Self Service Center: access online self-help resources including product documentation, tips and tricks, and technical articles on troubleshooting. In addition, you can submit support cases, track progress online, and review your support history. You can also download all product updates, including both major and minor releases, and always stay up to date.
  • Email Support: resolve active issues through your email in coordination with the online ticket system.
  • Support Facilitators: designate two support facilitators within your company to interface with BlueCielo Global Support.

Premium Support

Extends the benefits of Standard Support for enterprises with mission-critical assets requiring a comprehensive service level. Premium subscribers add the following benefits:

  • Prioritized Treatment: move to the front of the line! The support team starts helping you faster, thanks to your prioritized position in the support queue over Standard Support subscribers.
  • Assisted Support by Phone: get efficient resolution with telephone support for priority 1 and 2 cases. Interact directly, at conversation speed, to avoid the back and forth of written exchanges and reach a faster understanding of issues and their resolutions. Test possible solutions in real time.
  • Timely Support: minimize delays by getting back to work faster, even after hours or over the weekend! Get help anytime, all the time, with 24-hour support every day for all priority 1 cases, and 24-hour weekday support for all priority 2-5 cases.
  • Per-Site Support Facilitators: your site teams are more empowered and self-sufficient, and your central IT team does not need to handle all issues. Designate two support facilitators for each site within your company to interface with BlueCielo Global Support and resolve issues through your local team.
  • Support in Your Environment: Be confident the resolution suits your specific environment, rather than being generic. Advanced remote diagnostics enable the support team to work within the context of your environment, ensuring that they can consider the impacts of your configuration and integrations.

Upgrade to Premium Support – Limited Time Offer

Act by December 31, 2017 and get 50% off the upgrade from Standard to Premium Support for a full year!

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