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Fast facts

  • Asset Lifecycle Information Management solutions for owner operators
  • Engineering Information Management solutions for contractors
  • Over 300,000 users across more than 50 countries
  • 30 years of specialized expertise and experience
  • Offices in Netherlands, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Russia, Singapore and USA
  • Official partner of Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SolidWorks and SAP
  • International network of authorized solution partners

Our Commitment

BlueCielo has delivered software solutions to manage engineering information for 30 years. Today we have over 160 employees in seven countries and a global network of more than 50 partners worldwide providing local support.

We deliver platform-independent solutions that integrate with and leverage our customers’ existing systems to maximize their return on investment. We know that continuous innovation requires continuous change and remain committed to supporting the changing needs of our  customers by developing new initiatives to add greater value.


To meet your growing needs


Scalable to support business growth
Meets the most stringent industry demands
For Engineering Information Management
For Asset Lifecycle Information Management


Throughout the asset lifecycle


Proven implementation methodology
Measurable return on investment
Best practices industry templates
Long-term customer relationships


Always with you


Proven implementation services
Unparalleled technical support
Global partner network
Strategic technology alliances


Trusted by industry leaders


30 years’ specialized knowledge and experience
Over 300,000 users across more than 50 countries
Top-ranking global customers in various industries
Significant expertise in asset-intensive industries

Who we are

BlueCielo manufactures software to manage asset-related engineering information.
Our software increases data integrity and creates new efficiencies, enabling our customers to demonstrate regulatory compliance while measurably reducing risk.
Our solutions evolve to meet new market issues like extended contractor and supply chains, knowledge retention, and leverage technologies like the Cloud.

We are an independent global organization with more than 30 years’ experience.
Our Professional Services team has unparalleled expertise and our solutions contribute daily to the revenue of the largest global enterprises.

We have offices on 4 continents and a network of 50+ partners to provide you with global coverage.


What we do

BlueCielo works with owner operators by helping them improve asset utilization.
We do this by providing them with software solutions that enable them to make sure all their asset documentation is accurate and accessible by the right people to do their jobs.

Our software enables them to maintain technical documentation, such as CAD drawings, P&ID’s, project plans and equipment files. By having accurate and accessible documentation, owner operators can run their plants more effectively, safely, and improve the revenues and profits they receive from those assets.

We offer a system of record that meets company and industry-specific needs, ensuring compliance with regulations, leveraging best practices and reducing risk.

So take control of your engineering information. Unite your teams and departments around the world.
Improve efficiency, data quality and ease of access.

It’s possible with BlueCielo.

Company Resources

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