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BlueCielo provides comprehensive software solutions for engineering asset information management that transform engineering data into actionable plant information, keeping users informed, compliant and in control throughout the asset lifecycle.

BlueCielo ECM Solutions was founded in The Netherlands in 1985. Under the original name of Cyco Software, the company delivered hardware and database software. The name Cyco stood for  ‘Cy’ meaning ‘Cybernetic’ and ‘Co’ meaning ‘Computers’. Read more
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Annual Report 2016

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Introduction to BlueCielo

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Meridian Cloud and Subscription Licensing – Next Generation Software Now Available

We are excited to announce the latest release of Meridian software to manage engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle, and now offered to users as a subscription. […]

BlueCielo Certified Specialists 2018

We are happy to announce that several of our partners have successfully completed the 2018 Certified Specialists program. […]

Accruent Acquires BlueCielo

We are pleased to announce that Accruent, the world’s leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to manage the full lifecycle of their physical resources, has acquired BlueCielo. […]

BlueCielo Releases New Product Updates for Core Products

We are very pleased to announce the latest updates to our products, including BlueCielo Meridian and Meridian360 Portal, and to introduce a preview of the all-new Meridian Cloud Analytics. […]