Join us as we explore the key considerations for managing asset information in the cloud, and how to determine your organization’s cloud readiness.

Moving applications to the cloud is a key trend, which is not surprising considering the number of benefits it provides.
Cloud solutions are significantly easier to setup and manage, reducing the total cost of ownership. They also offer great flexibility for future expansion because they are easy to scale up as organizational needs grow. Users can access information from anywhere at any time. Teams enjoy real-time collaboration so that when one person adds markups to a drawing or document, others will easily see these changes and be able to comment as well.

But despite the benefits, the decision to move to the cloud may be a difficult one for owner-operators working with sensitive asset information. In this webinar, we explore the key considerations for managing this information in the cloud, and how to determine your organization’s cloud readiness.

Watch this webinar on demand where we explore:

  • Key considerations when moving to the cloud
  • Pros and cons of a cloud solution
  • Potential hybrid solutions
  • BlueCielo’s cloud solution with Microsoft Azure
  • Determining your organization’s cloud readiness

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Presenter Profiles

George WithersGeorge Withers has over 25 years of professional experience developing enterprise-class software and brings years of SaaS and Client/Server expertise to BlueCielo.
As Chief Architect, he works to bring his background with Autodesk BIM products to the BlueCielo product family, and set the stage for the next generation solutions for the cloud and beyond.


Stuart ForemanStuart Foreman has over 25 years of experience in the Engineering Information Management industry, specializing in organizations with complex regulatory and compliance requirements. He has experience in all aspects of systems implementations, including analysis, design, implementation, training, and support. He has been with BlueCielo for over 20 years, providing technical knowledge and professional services recommendations to companies in numerous industries and locations throughout the world.