Latest news on the standard that will help owner operators to easily specify engineering information for future operations and maintenance projects.

Physical Meeting – Amersfoort May 27 and 28

The CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information HandOver Specification) project is well on its way to providing a practical implementation of the ISO 15926 standard. The project provides standards, methods and a Reference Data Library for owner operators to specify the engineering information they require for future operations and maintenance of the facilities.

On May 27 – 28, the core and review CFIHOS project team gathered upon invitation of USPI-NL in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, to share their knowledge and provide input for the CFIHOS delivery plan for 2015 -2016. Outcomes of the meeting included the decision to widen the community that will use and benefit from the current standard and implementation guidelines.

Value of CFIHOS

Improving data integrity, especially at handover, is the primary aim of CFIHOS – but its value goes much further. Owner operators and contractors could also benefit from CFIHOS through:

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Standardized information requirements
  • Assistance in achieving License to Operate

Learn more about what CFIHOS is and why it matters.

Status of CFIHOS

CFIHOSToday the set of documentation for CFIHOS is much more than the actual specification for tag classes, types and properties that enable a plant breakdown structure and document types with properties.

For practical implementation of the ISO 15926 standard, the CFIHOS team has worked on a set of templates such as scope of work contracts for working with contractors and the Reference Data Library (RDL) which determines which documentation is required in which phase of the project and which are mandatory per tag type.

The total set of documentation is accompanied by the Guidance documents, which provide explanation of the structure of the specification and how to practically apply it.
Software vendors such as BlueCielo will now use the provided test data for Oil&Gas together with the specification for a practical test.

Although there are areas for further optimization, the review team feels the specification is complete enough for implementation in a variety of industries. The RDL can already be turned into a company RDL according to the organizational needs and a Project RDL can be derived for plant modification or capital projects. Feedback procedures will be put in place to capture any missing parts in the RDLs. Feedback from use by the owner operators and contractors will be required for further extension of CFIHOS and the ISO 15926 standard.

Software Conformance

During the physical meeting, a session was dedicated to setting conformance requirements for software suppliers. Although BlueCielo already provides a practical implementation of the CFIHOS standard in the Industry Template for BlueCielo Meridian, it must be possible to verify if the implementation is in conformance with the ISO 15926 standard. An initial list of conformance requirements has been determined, such as flexibility in creating document types, tag types, properties and references as well as implementation of the validation rules and compliance reporting. With participation of Rudi Pieters of BlueCielo, this list will be turned into a software conformance specification.

Adaptation plan for CFIHOS

To get more owner operators and contractors work with CFIHOS, the benefits and ease of implementation of the standard must be made clear.  A lot of work has been done by the core and review team of which new users can benefit. This will be further improved in the course of 2015/2016 by:

  • Simplifying the guidance documentation for companies who want to start with CFIHOS.
  • Development of the software conformance requirements to comply with the CFIHOS standard and enable flexibility to adapt to the RDL to organizational needs.

The final action for improving the adaptation of CFIHOS is the creation of the business case for owner operators and contractors. The main reasons for implementation may already be clear, but the benefits should be made more tangible and presented in a fact-based business case. With participation of various owner operators in the core and review team, Edwin van Dijk and James Cookson of BlueCielo will develop this CFIHOS Business Case under supervision of Anders Thostrup, Chair USPI.