The BlueCielo 2015 Annual Report is now available. Get this comprehensive overview of our company and discover why we increased our profitability by over 70 per cent year on year.

The Annual Report is designed to provide investors and other stakeholders with a complete picture of the BlueCielo organization and our work in the year 2015. It provides information about our organization, our software solutions, customers, partners and alliances, as well as the markets in which we operate and our financial performance.

“What a great year 2015 has been for BlueCielo! The company has grown its overall revenue by 26% and improved its profitability with over 70% compared to the year before.”
Willem-Jan Scholten, CEO, BlueCielo
“BlueCielo Services is a global organization which is fully capable to support the global and local deployment of Meridian Enterprise and we can also leverage our network of strategic partners.”
Frank van Vliet, VP Global Services, BlueCielo

But the Annual Report is not just about numbers and products – it offers insight into our future direction, with perspectives from our company’s leaders, the Supervisory Board and our teams around the world. The report also highlights new initiatives and innovations, such as leveraging public cloud and SaaS to improve profitability and using best practice Industry Templates to speed up implementation.

In this year’s report, read features on improving project collaboration, discover a new range of consultancy services and learn how to protect the asset data that is integral to your organization’s success.

Get the BlueCielo 2015 Annual Report

BlueCielo Annual Report 2015

Request a digital or physical copy of the report to learn more about:

  • Our organization, leaders, Board and staff
  • The challenges impacting asset data integrity
  • How Meridian software can help you overcome barriers
  • Our new initiatives to boost your profitability
  • Why 1200+ customers choose us
  • Why we continue to achieve such great growth year on year
  • And much more…
BlueCielo 2015 Annual Report