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What’s New in BlueCielo Meridian 2017

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Get a first look at how you can achieve centralized operational control, concurrent engineering for BIM, web and remote user access, streaming PDF workflows, and a securely empowered supply chain for the plant lifecycle. […]

A Day in the Life of an Engineering Drawing

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Join the journey of an engineering drawing throughout the asset lifecycle – from sharing information with Maintenance, to managing concurrent engineering projects and collaborating with contractors in the cloud. […]

Maximizing Efficiency with Application Integrations

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover the numerous integrations we provide to connect your diverse teams and business applications, and how this can help improve your interoperability, collaboration and efficiency. […]

Managing Engineering Change with Configurable Workflows

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to take and maintain control of engineering changes, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information is always easily accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed. […]

SAP PM/EAM-Certified Integration: Engineering Information at Your Fingertips

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to leverage our certified integration to provide Maintenance with direct and easy access to asset-related engineering information from directly within SAP PM/EAM. […]

How Chugach Electric Powers Engineering Efficiency

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover why Alaska’s largest electric utility implemented an EIM solution, how their use of the solution has evolved over the years, and the key features that help them save time and improve efficiency. […]

Revit Integration for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Join us as we explore how BIM is being adopted by owner-operators and demonstrate how Revit can be integrated with Meridian to manage, control and share technical information throughout the entire facility lifecycle. […]

Market Trends in Engineering Information Management

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how EIM addresses ever-increasing industry challenges, and learn EIM best practices and pitfalls to avoid from a Frost & Sullivan industry analyst. […]

Gain Lifetime Value from Your Meridian Investment

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Identify and overcome your engineering process challenges to get the most out of your Meridian solution – today and in the future. […]

How Bluewater Manages Engineering Information throughout the Asset Lifecycle

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover why this oil production and storage company implemented a solution to manage their engineering and asset-related technical documentation, and the benefits they are experiencing as a result. […]

Security and Control in Cloud-Based Engineering Collaboration

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Learn how we’ve partnered with Microsoft to overcome your security concerns and provide a trusted platform to exchange engineering information with external contractors in the cloud. […]

Optimizing Engineering Performance with Reports and Dashboards

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to leverage reports and dashboards to reduce costs, improve quality, and achieve full proof of control of your engineering and asset information. […]

6 Reasons Why Enterprise Content Management Systems Are Not Enough

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover the reasons why generic content management systems are not sufficient for managing complex, dynamic engineering information. […]

Maximizing the Success of Your Meridian Investment

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to increase user acceptance and adoption, hear lessons learned from our customers, and learn how BlueCielo Academy can help identify your specific training needs. […]

Taking Compliant Control of Your Engineering Information

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to alleviate common regulatory pressures with a single source of engineering information that enables you to achieve, maintain and demonstrate full proof of control. […]

Bureau of Reclamation’s Journey to Engineering and Asset Data Integrity

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover the history and lessons learned when selecting and implementing an enterprise-wide Engineering Information Management (EIM) solution. […]

What’s New in BlueCielo Meridian 2016

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover the new profitability improving features to support your growing organizational needs. […]

Matching EIM Capabilities to Your Organizational Needs

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Choose the right solution for your organization by determining which Engineering Information Management (EIM) capabilities are needed to meet your unique requirements. […]

Maintenance and Engineering Connected

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how to improve operational efficiency by streamlining the exchange of critical information between Maintenance and Engineering. […]

What’s New in BlueCielo Meridian 2015

WEBINAR ON DEMAND Discover how this new release supports the market trend for IT centralization in globally operating organizations, in addition to offering many new features for CAD, BIM, and collaboration. […]